Sunday, December 6, 2009

I’m falling deeper and deeper,
harder and harder,
faster and faster for you.
My heart pounds,
my stomach gets fuzzy,
it feels like butterflies are just gonna come flying out.
The feeling you give me is sensational.
The way you make me happy when I am down,
How you can make me laugh no matter the situation,
And how you make my day by saying just a few words.
You make my world an interestingly fun place now.
You always seem to make me feel special, and I thank you for that.
You tell me I’m all these things; beautiful, sexy, pretty, funny.
I don’t believe I’m any of those,
Yet you still call me them,
I still love it.
Though I don’t think I am beautiful,
For the time being that you say those things,
I feel special.
When you say them,
I feel as if I am those things and you make me blush.
You make me feel loved and wanted,
like no one else has.
I just hope I make you happy,
make you feel as special and loved,
as you make me.