Saturday, July 18, 2009

.....I'm human....What if?

All I am is human,
Nothing I can do about that.
I have feeling I can’t control,
Feelings I can’t change.
Can’t be blamed for being human.

No one said life was easy,
No one said don’t take a chance.
So should I?
The question lurks in my mind,
Just waiting for an answer,
For it’s chance to know.

But what if I take a chance and it goes wrong,
What if I make a move and it goes wrong,
What if the feelings aren’t returned?
What if.


Am I alone in my feelings,
What i think,
How i feel,
What i feel?
I feel as if so.
Why must I feel like this,
Why must i have these feelings,
Why am i the only one?
Makes my mind wonder,
Thoughts creep in my brain,
Making my head swirl.
Maybe I should shut them out,
Make them leave,
Hide them,
Never divulge them,
Never think of acting on them,
Never act on them.
Look like a fool,
Act like a fool,
Feel like a fool.
This is what the feelings do to me.
Never wanting to be embarrassed,
Looked at differently.
Shun these feelings,
Never think of them,
Hide them from myself,
From all.
Put them deep away and move on.
This is what I should do.