Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For You...

Lies are surrounding me,

Everywhere I turn,

Everywhere I look.

Pain is followed,

Like a stab to the chest.

What have I done to deserve this pain?

Why would you do this to me?

You might not realize it,

Might not comprehend it,

But this pain,

These tears,

Are because of you.

I have done nothing wrong to you,

Yet I get treated this way.

I have been what I can for you,

Yet, it doesn’t seem like enough.

Why would you do this to me,

After I have done nothing?

You make me feel unwanted,

You make me feel unloved,

Like I’m some gremlin from the bowels of the earth,

Yet I am not.

I am nothing but me,

Nothing but truthful,

Yet this is how you make me feel.

The river of tears I have shed because of you,

Because of how you make me feel,

Are not for show,

But are real.

I have given to you,

I have taken nothing.

You have not tried,

You do not care.

This is how you make me feel.

This is what I cannot bare.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Im not a lie,

But Maybe being one isnt so bad.

I dont wanna remind people of something "bad",

I just wanna be me,

Be free.

I have been through bad,

I have been through good,

Just like eveyone has.

But I don't wanna be the bad.

I have all these emotions,

Because I am emotional.

I cant control my thoughts,

My feelings.

My selfesteem isnt high,

So my feelings are low.

I cant control others,

Their actions,

Their motions,

Their way.

Im not a lie,

But Maybe being one isnt so bad.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I’m falling deeper and deeper,
harder and harder,
faster and faster for you.
My heart pounds,
my stomach gets fuzzy,
it feels like butterflies are just gonna come flying out.
The feeling you give me is sensational.
The way you make me happy when I am down,
How you can make me laugh no matter the situation,
And how you make my day by saying just a few words.
You make my world an interestingly fun place now.
You always seem to make me feel special, and I thank you for that.
You tell me I’m all these things; beautiful, sexy, pretty, funny.
I don’t believe I’m any of those,
Yet you still call me them,
I still love it.
Though I don’t think I am beautiful,
For the time being that you say those things,
I feel special.
When you say them,
I feel as if I am those things and you make me blush.
You make me feel loved and wanted,
like no one else has.
I just hope I make you happy,
make you feel as special and loved,
as you make me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

.....I'm human....What if?

All I am is human,
Nothing I can do about that.
I have feeling I can’t control,
Feelings I can’t change.
Can’t be blamed for being human.

No one said life was easy,
No one said don’t take a chance.
So should I?
The question lurks in my mind,
Just waiting for an answer,
For it’s chance to know.

But what if I take a chance and it goes wrong,
What if I make a move and it goes wrong,
What if the feelings aren’t returned?
What if.


Am I alone in my feelings,
What i think,
How i feel,
What i feel?
I feel as if so.
Why must I feel like this,
Why must i have these feelings,
Why am i the only one?
Makes my mind wonder,
Thoughts creep in my brain,
Making my head swirl.
Maybe I should shut them out,
Make them leave,
Hide them,
Never divulge them,
Never think of acting on them,
Never act on them.
Look like a fool,
Act like a fool,
Feel like a fool.
This is what the feelings do to me.
Never wanting to be embarrassed,
Looked at differently.
Shun these feelings,
Never think of them,
Hide them from myself,
From all.
Put them deep away and move on.
This is what I should do.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Life is a roller coaster ride.
Ups and downs,
Loops throwing you around.
At times it's horrid,
At times it's bliss.
It can be confusing,
It can be as simple as yes or no.
Situations racking our brain,
Making us think,
Our decisions could be wrong,
They could be right.
Trying to decide on the unknown,
Keeping you awake,
Your brain non-stop,
Trying to figure things out.
Who knows what is right or wrong,
Is there a manual,
Is there a guide to use?
I wish i knew,
I wish I knew the answers to my life,
To make it more simple,
Life is an uncertainty,
Nothing can be for sure without seeing the unknown.