Monday, June 22, 2009

Life is a roller coaster ride.
Ups and downs,
Loops throwing you around.
At times it's horrid,
At times it's bliss.
It can be confusing,
It can be as simple as yes or no.
Situations racking our brain,
Making us think,
Our decisions could be wrong,
They could be right.
Trying to decide on the unknown,
Keeping you awake,
Your brain non-stop,
Trying to figure things out.
Who knows what is right or wrong,
Is there a manual,
Is there a guide to use?
I wish i knew,
I wish I knew the answers to my life,
To make it more simple,
Life is an uncertainty,
Nothing can be for sure without seeing the unknown.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My heart beating strong,
My pulse rising,
Feeling weak,
Light headed,
Unable to move,
Don't wana move.
Feels like im nothing,
My heart in my throat,
Feeling each pound.
Not knowing what would happen,
What will happen.
Will it be good,
Will it be bad.
Who knows what will happen.
My love for you is like the endless diamond sky.
I love you more than all those stars.
I get lost in your eyes,
Looking deep into them.
Looking in them is like a whole new world.
I find comfort in them,
When I speak to you I smile,
I hear your voie and can't help it.
You make me laugh,
You make me feel things I never have before.
You've captured my heart,
You hold the key.
Never forget,
Never deny,
Never second guess that I love you.
No matter what,
Always know I love you.
I looked up,
Saw a figure,
My heart froze,
Time seemed to stop.
I looked into his eyes,
Beautiful eyes.
I took a deep breath,
My heart started racing.
The figure came closer,
Staring at me.
Getting lost in his gorgeous eyes.
Not paying attention to anything around,
Not caring about anyone around,
Focusing on just him.
Not wanting to move,
Not wanting to look away,
Wanting to just stare into his eyes forever.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I am so tired of these games,
Of you making me feel bad.
If you really want me then show me,
Prove it,
If you don't then screw you,
I'll get over it,
But why should i waste my time,
Hurt my heart more than i need.
I cant ever talk to you about anything,
I don't feel comfortable doing it anymore.
I feel like if i open my mouth,
Say what I feel,
What's on my mind,
Then I will be hurting again,
Getting yelled at,
Making you mad,
You making me feel as if i did something wrong.

Somethings changed,
I feel it in my body,
My bones,
My soul,
My heart.
I hear it in your voice,
Something about you isn't the same,
Not the same one i fell in love with.
Someone has changed you.
You don't seem to be as warm,
Caring towards me.
It hurts.
You voice actually bugged me,
For the first time I had to stop listening to you.

I'm tired of games,
I'm tired of hurting,
I'm tired of feeling like i'm the one in the wrong,
I'm tired of being alone.
Don't you think I have feelings too.
Don't you think I have bad days,
I want someone to talk to,
That someone being you.
Girls and guys are different.
When we get mad we want you to run after us,
Make it better.
When you get mad you all want us to leave you alone,
Give you time to cool off.
We feel like we need to make it better,
It's in our DNA,
It's in our nature.
Men don't understand.
If we are upset,
Even at you,
Run your asses after us,
Before you lose us.

Forgive us for wanting to try and make your problems better,
To make them disapear,
To make the stress go away,
To make everything better.
It's who we are,
That will never change.

Men need to learn too,
How to treat us,
How to react to our problems,
How to speak to us.

You arn't the only one with problems,
We have them too,
We wana talk about them,
To you.
Express our feelings,
For someone just to listen,
To make it better.
We have problems,
Voices too

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I use to make you happy.
I use to make you smile.
I use to make you happy when sad,
Smile when something was wrong.
I don’t do this anymore,
Why is it that I don’t make you happy?
Aren’t I the same person?
Don’t you still love me?
Shouldn’t the one you love make you happy?
You should want to talk to them,
Want to be with them,
Want to spend time with them.
You shouldn’t have to fight for their attention,
Their affection.
This is not love.
Love is shown,

Why must I fight,
Why must I feel like I beg,
Why is it I don’t feel wanted,
Cared for,
Like I make you happy anymore.

I need attention,
Need love,
Need to be wanted,
Need to be the one to make you happy,
To make you smile.

I want you to want to talk to me,
To spend time with me,
To be with me,
But this is not so.

I use to make you happy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who needs them?
We don’t need these low level species,
What use are they to us really.
They are all useless,
Wolfs is sheep’s clothing,
Waiting to stop,
Devourer their prey,
That prey being us.
Thinking we are weak,
Little bunnies,
Like we are scared of them.
We are the higher species,
We need to stand up,
Show them who’s superior.
Rip apart their species.
They are no good,
None of them.
Low down,
They are the bottom feeders of our world.
The only good thing about them,
The one thing is in their pants,
Sometimes that’s not even that good.

They are knuckle draggers,
Have no respect,
No intelligence,
No thoughts of what their actions do,
Destroying anything in their path.
Well not me,
Not this time,
Not anymore.
I will no longer stand in line,
Stand to the side,
Stand down from men,
Be pushed around,
Told what to do.
I am better,
I am superior.

You best take notes,
Best watch out.
I will no longer be treated poorly,
Take things lying down.
I will fight back,
I will win,
You no longer have control over me.
I am stronger,
I am smarter,
I am superior.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I need a guy...

I need a guy,
A guy that wants to love me,
To show his love to me.
Wants to cuddle,
Wants to kiss,
Wants to spend time with me.
I need a man who wants to show his love to me,
Who wants to prove his love,
To always let me know he loves me.
A man that isn’t afraid of public,
Who doesn’t care who is around.
One that will kiss me,
Hold my hand,
Be lovey even in public,
Even to just let everyone else know I’m his.
I want a man that would be happier,
Happier than anything to call me his,
For me to call him mine.

I want a man that will always love me,
That will never hate me,
That will always want to be with me.
A man that cares deeply and will show it to me.

This kind of man does not exist.
If this species of man is around all other men are doomed.
This type of man must be on another planet,
Maybe even just a fantasy that wont come true.
I can always wish and hope,
Though it won’t come true,
I still have my dreams to escape to when I close my eyes.