Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For You...

Lies are surrounding me,

Everywhere I turn,

Everywhere I look.

Pain is followed,

Like a stab to the chest.

What have I done to deserve this pain?

Why would you do this to me?

You might not realize it,

Might not comprehend it,

But this pain,

These tears,

Are because of you.

I have done nothing wrong to you,

Yet I get treated this way.

I have been what I can for you,

Yet, it doesn’t seem like enough.

Why would you do this to me,

After I have done nothing?

You make me feel unwanted,

You make me feel unloved,

Like I’m some gremlin from the bowels of the earth,

Yet I am not.

I am nothing but me,

Nothing but truthful,

Yet this is how you make me feel.

The river of tears I have shed because of you,

Because of how you make me feel,

Are not for show,

But are real.

I have given to you,

I have taken nothing.

You have not tried,

You do not care.

This is how you make me feel.

This is what I cannot bare.